Call for Proposals for the NAD Clinical Case Report Award

Summit participants who applied for a poster presentation on a particular case study are strongly encouraged to submit a short proposal in consideration for the NAD Clinical Case Award. In addition to a monetary award, the winning case report will be included on the NAD Research, Inc. website. Additionally, the case report can be considered for a scientific publication through NAD Research, Inc. and Springfield Wellness Center.

Those interested in this award should submit a short 1-2 page proposal addressing the following points:

  1. Briefly restate the background of your case and findings.
  2. What novel evidence does your work provide in how NAD+ can advance treatment in similar cases?
  3. How does your case provide valuable insight into utilizing NAD+ for specific therapies in a more effective or sustainable way than other treatment alternatives already tried?
  4. Can NAD+ be used in conjunction with other therapies for similar cases, and if so, how do you generally see this possible?
  5. What other additional future ideas could be considered in using NAD+ for such treatment, and how could it inform future scientific research on the subject?

Please support any prior scientific evidence you’re citing in your proposal with in-text citations, and a references section on a separate, last page. All citations and references must be in APA formatting. You may use this link as a guide: