Kenneth Starr, M.D.


Dr. Starr is an authority in the field of addiction medicine and has helped hundreds of patients achieve lasting sobriety. A native of West Texas, he graduated from the University of Colorado, then returned to Texas for medical school and a residency in emergency medicine, completed in 2000. He practiced medicine for 10 years in Oregon, where he developed a specialty treating patients for the complications of drug and alcohol use. After the overdose death of his brother, Dr. Starr opened his own addiction recovery center, the Addiction Medicine Group, in Los Osos, California, which utilizes intravenous NAD infusions as part of his program to help people overcome chemical dependency. He personally trained under Dr. Richard Mestayer of the Springfield Wellness Center. Dr. Starr also formed a partnership with Diversified Intervention Group (DIG) to offer the full spectrum of addiction rehab and recovery services—particularly for those addicted to opioids: prescription painkillers and heroin.

Dr. Starr is Board certified in Addiction Medicine and Emergency Medicine.