Send Poster Abstract and Case Study submissions to Dr. Richard Mestayer

Office: (225) 294-5955

Abstracts for both original research and clinical case reports must be succinct with no more than 500 words, and must contain the following:

Title (10-word max), and a summary including:
  • a) brief background of your subject topic, with any supporting research to justify your topic if possible,
  • b) brief background of your participant(s) and materials/methods/procedures used in treatment,
  • c) brief discussion of observations made, including the rationale for why such observations were seen.

If accepted for presentation, posters must be created in this general formatting:

  • Title: Provide a succinct description of your work in no more than 10 words. Underneath your title, please provide full names of authors who have contributed to the development of the poster, in addition to a list of their affiliations.
  • Introduction: Provide a brief background of your presentation, citing relevant research for support where possible.
  • Methods: Provide a description of your research design or case study’s procedure, including a description of participant(s) within the study, and details of the treatment/ protocol used.
  • Results: Provide a description of results observed, any statistical analyses conducted, including charts to better illustrate your findings.
  • Discussion: Briefly restate your reasoning for your presentation in one sentence, followed by your reasoning for the observations made. Please provide citations of prior research to support your discussion as well.
  • References: Provide a shortlist of the primary sources used in support of your presentation.
  • Acknowledgments: (optional) In a sentence or two, you may provide any additional names and their affiliations, or institutions that assisted throughout the process of your research in any way.
Additional Notes:
  • Please adhere to APA (American Psychological Association) formatting guidelines for the above sections. A link to APA style formatting is provided at the end of this page.
  • Posters must either be 36”x 48” or 42”x 54” as the largest size.
  • Please refer to this example in creating your poster for assistance.