About Our Summit

Thursday, October 29 – Sunday, November 1, 2015   •   Natchez, MS

NAD—The Future of Brain Health

The Brain Restoration Summit will update you on the latest advances in NAD research and treatment methodologies. Already proven to have powerful results in restoring healthy neural functioning to patients suffering from chemical dependency, addiction, acute or chronic stress, depression, and post traumatic stress, the newest research into NAD is revealing exciting promise in a host of metabolic-related diseases, such as obesity and Type II diabetes, as well as Parkinson’s and other diseases associated with aging.

Who should attend  

The Brain Restoration Summit is intended for physicians, psychiatrists, other mental health professionals, addictionologists, hospitalists, critical care nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, fellows, residents and other healthcare professionals interested in addiction, mental health, post-traumatic stress, and diseases associated with aging.

Why you should attend

  • For the most exciting new treatment strategies and approaches utilizing NAD
  • To better understand the efficacy of NAD in eliminating the cravings associated with addiction and withdrawal
  • To learn about NAD’s effectiveness in treating veterans and other sufferers from post traumatic stress and acute or chronic stress and anxiety
  • To participate in discussions regarding emerging uses of NAD in mental health and diseases associated with aging

The future of brain health 

Learn from world-renowned researchers and leading practitioners in the field of NAD. Hear exciting discoveries about promising new applications and powerful results from those already using NAD in their treatment protocols. Join in the discussion about the future of brain health in TWO ground-breaking panel discussions:

Panel One: Addiction, Post Traumatic Stress, and Other Mental Health Applications

Panel Two: Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Anti-aging and Other Emerging Applications

Feed your mind, feed your senses        

Your time at the Summit will not only be professionally gratifying, you will also be treated to world famous Southern hospitality, including

  • Private tours of magnificent antebellum homes
  • A Night in the Old South, in which YOU are a special guest—dressed in a period costume and transported by horse-drawn carriage to an opulent Southern Reception on Halloween night
  • Daytime tours for spouses and guests of historic downtown Natchez, gem of the Mississippi
  • Explore Natchez at www.visitnatchez.org

About your host: Springfield Wellness Center

Located in Springfield, Louisiana, Springfield Wellness Center is a licensed mental health clinic offering traditional and nutritionally based treatment for a variety of addictions, post-traumatic stress, chronic stress, depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Its founder, Paula Norris, and her husband and colleague Dr. Richard Mestayer, are the developers of the BR+ (proprietary NAD) protocols for addiction, post traumatic stress, and other mental health treatments and, since 2002, have administered NAD to more than 700 patients with extremely promising results. For more information about Springfield Wellness Center please visit www.springfieldwellnesscenter.com.